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Our Row of Friends in Texas
This page is about the death penalty but, more importantly, it is about the death penalty as it affects the inmates of Texas Death Row.
Bob Coulson
Executed by the State of Texas and its citizen on June 25, 2002
James V. Allridge III.

James is not asking to be set free immediately. He is only asking that his sentence be commuted to life. James believes that he has made many valuable contributions to society through his art and writings and wishes to continue making those contributions, even if from a prison cell. With your help and support, he can. Will you help to save his life?
Eddie C. Johnson
Living in a world of hate, rage and poverty, my only goal in life was simply to "survive". But now, as I sit here on Texas Death Row and contemplate how to prove I do not belong here, the suffering of being helpless is ever so painful. My only option is to ask for help.
Dominique Green
Usually the public hears about death row prisoners only after they've been exonerated or before they are set to be executed by the State. Their lives prior to becoming, what often is, front page news is largely ignored. That doesn't mean death row prisoners, day after day, sit in their cells and await their sentences to be carried out. What it means is that a lot of the things they do go unnoticed. This site is an attempt to bring those things to light.
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Last Update: June 23rd, 2003
Polunsky Unit - Welcome to Hell

Read the truth about the terrible living-conditions on Texas Death Row.
G. Wilford Hathorn

On Death Row in Texas, Gene W. Hathorn has developed with the years a  great ability in writing novels, short stories or just essays about life  on death row. His first book Self Land has been published in 1998 [unfortunately out of print today]. He is currently working on another project. In addition, Gene is today an award winner! He has won the third place in  the 2002  American PEN  Contest --natiowide prisoners writing contest, for his essay ANIMUS [not available on the web site, as this essay might be published in a newspaper].
Carman Deck
My main concern is to bring insight to people about issues we face on a daily basis and hope that you, the people will let your voice be heard in order to make a change. Remember, united we stand divided we fall. We the people have created what is known as a government.
Richard Michael Cartwright
I have been condemned to death and am awaiting lethal injection on the infamous and notoriously expeditious Texas death row. I have been sitting on Texas’ death row awaiting execution for a crime I did not commit for four years now.
Franklin Lynch

Incarcerated male, unjustly convicted, currently on Death Row! However, while liberation via my appeal is my main objective towards proving my innocence! I do have other interests and goals!
Granville Riddle
Mike Lambrix
Imagine being convicted and condemned to death for the alleged crime of premeditated murder that simply never happened- a crime deliberately fabricated by an over zealous, politically ambitious State Prosecutor concerned more with manipulating a rural community's emotions into a vindictive passion to gain political popularity than objectively pursuing justice.
1st March

March 1st is the International Day for the Abolition of the Death Penalty, and we thought it would be good if the President and the Governors of the USA realise that the civilised world does not want to watch the senseless killing of inmates any longer.
Kenneth Parr
"When a stupid man is doing something wrong and he is ashamed for it, he always declares that it is his duty."